Compensation for victims of violent crime

Those who have been inflicted with a serious physical and/or psychological injury, sexually abused (as rape etc.), exposed to domestic violence or forced marriage, will be eligible for free legal counsel by the state, to evaluate whether to file for a rapport with the police, during the investigation, in an eventual court case, and to apply for the compensation for victims of violent crime. The attorney’s task is to help the client during the criminal proceedings and with the compensation claims. The counsel of the attorney is covered by the County Governor’s office or by the Courts.

We have many years of experience with this kind of legal counsel all over the country, assisting in insurance claims in criminal cases against the Office for Compensation for Victims of Violent Crime, against insurance companies and against NAV. One of our attorneys is appointed one of fifteen regular attorneys for the Oslo District Courts and the Oslo Courts of Appeal for the period 2011-2017, to assist in these types of cases.

Claims can be issued for such as compensation for current/future expenses, compensation for current//future loss of income, compensation for injury, redress claims, and eventually loss of providers compensation.

We have the duty of confidentiality.

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