Work related injury/illness

Those who have been injured while working (physical/mental injury or illness) may be eligible for compensation from the employer’s insurance company. If the employer does not have such insurance, one might claim insurance from the workers injury insurance association.

Those injured or ill are often rightful beneficiaries of the social security from NAV or HELFO. If one has been inflicted with a work related injury or illness, one has expanded rights for social security benefits. Additionally, one might have rights to claim insurance for current/future expenses, current/future loss of intect, injury insurance, or loss of providers insurance from fatalities, from the insurance companies. Please contact us if you need help with a work related injury/illness case. Because there are expiration dates, it is an advantage if you contact us as quickly as possible. Also, remember to take care of documentation of the accident/exposure, damage/loss etc. We provide free first time evaluations. The insurance companies often cover the expenses for legal counsel and other expenses related to the case so that we don’t have to bill our clients.

We can help you with, amongst other things: claims from the insurance companies, negociations with the insurance comanpanies, gather statements from specialists, delineate claims, complaints to Finansklagenemda and case prosessing for court cases.

Please give us a call for a free and noncommittal coversation.